HEYY 06-04-08 21:18
Haven't posted in about a year.

HI :3
Tilt. 02-24-07 10:33
So I work at an arcade, right?

I'm a manager there.. and I must admit that I feel pretty bad for leaving early the other night. I had a pretty bad toothache and I felt like I was going to pass out from the pain..but once I took some motrin, I felt a lot bteter. but by that time, I already had called in another manager to close for me. I'm thinking maybe I should give him 20 or something bucks for being that sweet. He just started and I figured it would be good experience for him anyway.

We have a party today. The funny thing about our parties is that when most of the time the people who come to have parties, are total assholes. NO offence to african americans, but the ones we get are so rude to me!

Maybe it's because I have a lot of metal in my face. I'm sure 6 piercings all around one area is just kind of a head turner. But I rather enjoy the fact that I have all this metal shuved around my face. I like the feeling.

A.D.D. anyway

we only have one party today, and it's a party I didn't book. So i'm hoping maybe the person will be nice. We had one party, a spanish party, and they were so nice! There was a bit of misunderstanding between the husband and my other manager..but the wife was so kind to me. Even the husband and her were like "You did nothing wrong. You were fantastic"
I blushed. I felt pretty good about that. Being a host is osmething i'm not entirely good at being.. Mainly because I don't like intruding on other people's parties. And that's seriously what it feels like we're doing.

*slowly crawls in* "Is everything okay?"
*snap* "YES! WE'RE FINE. LEAVE!"

(Now, that's not what actually happens. but that's what i'm afraid of one of these days..)

I just got my raise to $9.25/hr+Salary.. It better go through this time or ima be pissssedd. ;_;

Long story short. When they upped me to Pt Manager, they gave me a dollar raise. I was making 7, then was making 8. i went a month and a half only making 7--they never raised my pay rate. Furious, I decided i'd put in my two weeks.

Then my friend Reggie put in his two weeks (before me actually) and I decided maybe I should stay and i'll get his position. So I did stay. And I did get his position.

agh. I gotta get ready for work.

02-23-07 20:14
That's one thing that always drove me nuts.

Was figuring out the coding for customizing journals. man. I want to make some ubr fad looking one..but i'm so poopie with blog layouts.

considering the HTML is much more picky on here.

Better than livejournal, for sure.

I came back. 02-23-07 19:29
I used to be on here as "Ashlyn"

I was on Km.org for a good while

I'm also on myspace


Hello, 02-23-07 19:28
Hello my name is agentredfield. I'm new to elowel. ...edit AM NOT >=(